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Project Update!

This term in university brings a new project, during which I am delighted to be working with some really talented crew on an interesting premise.

What is it?

Our task is to create a short (5 min) documentary on a London riot. We chose to cover the Old Price riots of 1809; a conflict between theater-goes and the theater owners over the price of tickets (amongst other things).

Who is involved?

The crew list shapes up as follows:

  • Lolita Sniega - Director
  • Bernard Domfe - Producer
  • Joseph Guy - Cinematographer
  • Amelia Springett (hey, that’s me!) - Editor
  • Sheik Ahmad - Sound Editor

Due to the small amount of crew involved, everyone is involved in research, and taking up minor secondary roles as necessary.

How’s it going?

After a long research and preproduction period, during which we visited some of London’s most illustrious museums and archives (the British Library in particular was extremely helpful) we have started gathering together materials.

We have been fortunate enough to work with a talented actor, James Brennan, to reenact scenes with John Kemble, the theater’s manager and a key figure within the riots. As this was our first major shoot together, and our only chance to work with the actor, nerves were, understandably, running high. This did not stop everyone involved from working professionally, efficiently, and with great enthusiasm.

Here’s to the next shoot!